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Course Summary

Hello! My name is Krys Winn and this is your invitation to join me and some friends to Sharpen Your Side Hustle!  
If you’re a Christian woman who:  

1. Uses  your creative ideas to serve others in the form of a side hustle
 2. Desires to sharpen up in skill level or education about key areas of business
 3. Doesn’t want to compromise on quality or convictions for the sake of business  
4. Wants encouragement from a community of  Christian women who are also growing in their side business  

Then this is the course for you!  I am a Stay at Home Homeschooling mom with over 15 years of business experience in various business endeavors and industries. My husband and I have launched numerous profitable side hustles over the years and love sharing our tips on how to get the most out of your business pursuits.
At the time of this writing, I am a Star Stellar on a major creative platform with over 3,000 sales in digital products. I LOVE creating. But what I really love is helping women around me thrive in using their creative strengths to serve others in the form of a side hustle.  

I’ve specifically created this course to be well worth your precious time. So in each session, we will do the following:  

1. Introduce Ourselves  
2. Hear 1 minute commercials/presentations from other students in the group about the products and services they offer  
3. Highlight 1 key area of business for the week  
4. Q and A  
5. Walk away with  3 creative ideas that you will be able to tailor to your specific business and implement right away!  

  What are you waiting for? Let’s grow and learn together! Let’s sharpen up so that we can serve well!

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  • *LIVE* Sharpen Your Side Hustle Mondays 10AM EST
  • $10 USD

    An ongoing live session for Christian women to sharpen up their skills to better serve in their side business!

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