Meaningful Resurrection Day Activities

Looking for ways to point your kids towards Jesus this Easter? Here are 3 meaningful yet simple family activities that tell the Resurrection story.

Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus!

If you walk into the stores at this time of year, it is exciting to see all the spring things starting to hit the shelves, the garden supplies, the backyard toys, and the colourful Easter items. But you may be hard pressed to find much in the line of Easter options that contain anything that actually points to Jesus.

Over the years we have adapted a few very intentional traditions in our Easter celebrations that share the resurrection story. They are simple to do, and budget friendly, but full of meaning and memories.

A Good Friday Rock Basket

On Good Friday we gathered rocks in our baskets. To remind us of Jesus in the tomb, and how sin makes our hearts hard.

We covered them in red to remind us of His blood shed for us.

And then we waited 3 days to discover that under the blood, God transforms hard lifeless things into something brand new and full of joy!

Make Resurrection Rolls

A simple recipe that you wrap marshmallows in crescent rolls, like Jesus placed in the tomb. But something miraculous happens....after you bake them, the kids will be amazed to discover that now the tomb is Empty!

There are lots of recipes online, here is the one we used:

Resurrection Rolls {aka Empty Tomb Rolls}

Resurrection Eggs tell the Easter Story

No need to buy the fancy store-bought version of resurrection eggs, it’s easy to make your own with things you probably already have around the house.

-Gather 6 empty plastic Easter eggs

-Each one will contain a small item to symbolize a part of the story of Jesus and meaning of the resurrection

Egg 1: Piece of bread or cracker – symbolizes Jesus eating the Last Supper with his friends.

Egg 2: A symbol of the cross (a nail or 2 toothpicks) – symbolizes Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.

Egg 3: A piece of white cloth or tissue – symbolizes Jesus buried in the grave.

Egg 4: A small rock – symbolizes the rock in front of the tomb.

Egg 5: Empty – symbolizes the empty tomb. He is not here, He is risen!

Egg 6: A treat or something sweet – symbolizes the miracle of change and the sweet life with Jesus.

I pray these simple ideas will bring more of the power of Christ into your family this Easter. The littlest ones might not remember the details, but they will remember the priority you put on Jesus and treasure the quality time spent as a family. Maybe they will even pass down these family traditions to their children!

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