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My name is Heidi. I've been homesteading for two decades, and homeschooling as long as I've had a school-age kid. I think that learning happens both intentionally and experientially, and there is something to be said for serious indoor study, as well as having fun and just exploring the world.

I have been taking care of the family farm for more than 20 years; tending garden, orchard, a timber stand, and raising dairy goats, chickens, and waterfowl. My family started and operates a goat milk soap business and my husband creates and carves with a CNC he built and programmed himself.

In the dark and rainy US Pacific Northwest winters, we find enough down time for video gaming. Raised around some of the early home computers, the first game I fell in love with was Boulder Dash on the Commodore 64 - and I've been gaming ever since. Some of my favorite games are Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher, and Core Keeper; but our family currently has an extensive library of more than 3,000 game titles. I am happy to provide a safe space for other like-minded gamers to play without exposure to some of the toxic online gaming communities. I love to talk and play games, and learn about new ones, too!

I have bachelor's degrees in both Biblical Languages (Greek and Hebrew) and linguistics. My master's degree in Biblical Studies focused primarily on the text of the Bible, as well as ancient cultures and languages in the surrounding region. I've been teaching for more than ten years, with extensive experience both in the classroom and online platforms, with students ranging from kindergarten through grad school. I have taught at private schools, college campuses, and homeschool co-ops. I have also taught virtually in both the master's of education and doctorate of education programs at Concordia University Online.

So come learn with me, whether your classroom has four walls or no walls.

Let's have fun at Teach Me Truth!

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Giving Thanks: Let's Write a Thank-You Note! (Self-Paced)

We're practicing gratitude in this class by writing a letter -- with a step-by-step video guiding learners through the different parts. (Ages 7-12)

Virtual Field Trip: "I SPY" at the Pumpkin Patch! (Self-Paced)

How many scavenger hunt items can you find at the harvest fest? Use your keen sense of observation to identify them all!

Virtual Field Trip: "I SPY" at the Great Oregon Steam-Up! (Self-Paced)

How many scavenger hunt items can you find at the Steam-Up? Use your keen sense of observation to identify them all!

Virtual Field Trip: "I SPY" at the Oregon State Fair! (Self-Paced)

How many scavenger hunt items can you find at the state fair? Use your keen sense of observation to identify them all!

Let's Draw Farm Animals! (Self-Paced)

Step-by-step simple follow-along drawing videos using basic shapes. Geared toward early learners. (Suggested Ages 3-8)

*LIVE* Farm Fun Remix: Homesteading For Young Learners

Fun farming topics: Problem solving, game-style challenges, show 'n tell, story reading and telling, drawing, live birds in season! (Ages 3-7)

Dear Friend: Let's Write Some Letters! (Self-Paced)

Write five different letters -- with step-by-step videos guiding learners through the different types. (Ages 7-12)

Practical Homesteading: Story Time on the Farm (Self-Paced)

Meet some fun farm critters in this 3-part class, featuring the stories and plushes of real farm animals by indie publishers! (Ages 3-7)

Practical Homesteading: Beyond Kidding - Dairy Goat Breeding, Birth and Milking (Self-Paced)

This 4-lesson course details goat herd planning, breeding, kidding, newborn care, and milk production. (Ages 10+)

Practical Homesteading: Duck, Duck, Goose: An Intro to Waterfowl (Self-Paced)

Raising waterfowl basics from duckling and gosling to geese and ducks. Incubation, hatching, brooding, growing, and mating behaviors. (Ages 9+)

Practical Homesteading: Farm Animals for Young Learners (Self-Paced)

This 4-lesson course features chickens, turkeys, goats, ducks, and geese! (Ages 3-8)

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