Forest Kids - Nature Lover’s Bundle!

3 Courses with 11 video lessons, activities and outdoor fun! ($25 Savings!)

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Wild About Math: 2nd-3rd Grade Math
4 math lessons for active learners who love the great outdoors and nature based, hands-on activities. 'Wild about Math' takes learning outdoors where it is naturally hands-on, engages all of the senses, and includes plenty of movement. The natural environment makes concepts concrete and increases children's attention spans. These fun and engaging lessons explore math principles found in the natural world. We use plants, animal life, and natural materials to model concepts and facts. Join along in the adventure and games, that will create a fresh excitement and interest in finding math to be fun and practical. Concepts covered in the fall session are: Skip Counting, Place Value, Multi-digit Addition and Multiplication 1-12.

God's Grand Adventures: Getting to Know Jesus
Bible lessons for Early Learners (Ages 4-8): 4 Lessons discovering who God is from the stories of Creation, the Flood, Abraham's covenant, and Joseph. Your young learner will hear Bible stories come alive as we explore and experience God's Word in a series called God's Grand Adventures. Setup as an outdoor scene, with props, dramatic presentation, science experiments, art projects, puppets, and even some live animal appearances. The creative elements will engage and excite the learners, while the truths being taught will fill their hearts with revelation of who God is.

Let's Get Growing!  How to Start a Garden
Plan, Prepare and Plant your own garden. 3 lessons for kids and their families to learn to grow your own food. Join on a journey with our family as we begin the growing season of our backyard vegetable garden. Kids of all ages will learn they can grow and eat their own food! Learn about soil, seeds, growing seasons, and how our amazing Creator calls us to join in tending the earth.

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Stacy Forestieri

I am a homeschool mom of 3 adventurous young boys. We enjoy the great outdoors and living for Jesus. You will most often find us wandering the nearby river trail, or hiking to local waterfalls, searching for creatures and other wonders of creation. We reside in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada, along with our 3 ducks, 2 bunnies and 4 silkie chickens (who sometimes make live appearances in my classes). We love taking learning outdoors, or at least bringing natural elements into practical hands-on learning.

With our name Forestieri, we launched Forest Kids, which offers nature-based programs, events and resources for kids and their families. Through that I teach preschool in my home daycare and early elementary ages in my nature clubs and family events. At my church I helped develop and teach their video courses which are used in the classroom and online.

I have held business and admin positions in both the corporate and ministry environments. I have led mission teams to several countries including Panama, Guyana and Costa Rica. One of my dream jobs was serving as a regional manager for an international ministry that shared the love of Jesus with children around the world. Currently my main ministry is home with my family, but my heart to share the love and light of Jesus in everything I do.