Biblical Baking: Loaves of Wisdom (Self-Paced)

A four-week adventure blending timeless Bible stories with hands-on breadmaking (Ages 8-11)

Course Summary

Welcome to "Biblical Baking: Loaves of Wisdom," a course thoughtfully created for homeschooling or homesteading parents, where we seamlessly intertwine biblical learning with practical two-ingredient breadmaking each week.

Week 1: "Feeding of the 5,000" (Matthew 14:13-21) In Week 1, inspired by the "Feeding of the 5,000," we explore the profound impact of sharing and abundance. Drawing inspiration from the miraculous multiplication of loaves and fishes, we'll craft a budget-friendly Lemonade Bread, connecting the simplicity of its ingredients to the generosity depicted in the narrative.

Week 2: "The Last Supper" (Matthew 26:17-30) Reflecting on the profound symbolism of bread in the Last Supper, we explore the significance of togetherness and celebration. Our Cola Bread recipe, requiring only two common ingredients, becomes a tangible representation of unity and the joy of crafting with basic pantry staples.

Week 3: "The Miracle of the Manna" (Exodus 16) Venturing into the wilderness with the Israelites, we delve into the divine provision of manna. The richness of our Chocolate Bread, a thrifty two-ingredient option, mirrors the unexpected sweetness found in times of scarcity, tying back to the narrative's themes of trust and sustenance.

Week 4: "Elijah fed by Ravens" (1 Kings 17:1-8) In our final week, the story of God commanding Ravens to feed Elijah bread and meat  inspires a versatile Flat Bread using only two essential ingredients. This unleavened bread serves as a canvas for exploring resilience and adaptability, mirroring the resourcefulness of God in providing for His children.

Join "Biblical Baking: Loaves of Wisdom" as we journey through these timeless biblical stories, forging connections between scriptures and the symbolic simplicity found in crafting nourishing loaves for your family's table. Learners will participate in quizzes and weekly assignments as an extension on their learning. As a bonus, the final activity will be a 'Bread in the Bible' themed escape room where learners will have to solve clues based on the four bible stories to escape the Culinary Institute. Get your Bibles and let's Bake!

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Tracey-Leigh Machher


Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, I have been an educator for more than a decade and have written bible based curriculum for Preschool and Sunday School ages. Fun fact about me is -  I was born in Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa, I emigrated to the United Kingdom in my early twenties so you may hear somewhat of an accent! 

English Literature and Arts is my passion and I come from a family of readers and writers, my daughter published her first book at 10 years old! We love to read, but the book we love the most is the Bible and it is my joy to create classes for you on Teach Me Truth that incorporate Bible teachings. The aim of my household is to put God first in all things so I pray these classes will be a blessing to you!

With a rich tapestry of 10 years in education, including 2 years in online teaching, I bring a wealth of expertise in English Language Arts and Literature. A qualified English Language teacher with TEFL, armed with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature,  Diploma in Teaching Literacy and a current pursuit of a Masters in English Literature with a minor in Education, I'm not just an educator; I'm also a perpetual learner and a Home Educating parent. From Kindergarten to Secondary school, in both traditional classrooms and club settings, I've shared my passion for learning with 1449 students worldwide. Beyond the classroom, I host engaging escape rooms because, after all, we all deserve a brain break! Join me on an exciting journey of faith, literature and education that keeps God at the centre.