FREE Virtual Field Trip Through the Great Smoky Mountains (Self-Paced)

Learn and explore the Smoky Mountains heights, waterfalls, breathtaking scenery, wildlife and critters.

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Have you ever wanted to visit the Smoky Mountains or Gatlinburg National Park? Come explore with us! Video and picture compilations include famous sights such as Cumberland Falls, Look Rock, Norris Dam and Cades Cove. Learn about native wildlife such as snakes, bears and fireflies. Narrated videos will include information about the sights from parks signage plaques. See how people once lived as we walk through preserved cabins. Enjoy breathtaking views of rock formations and mountain caves. I also include bonus YouTube videos relevant to our topic of the week.   Even though this course has a flexible schedule, students are still able to interact with the teacher and other students. Students will be encouraged to participate by answering questions from the videos and submitting answers. Each week we will have a video scavenger hunt! Students are challenged to find videos pertaining to the topic of the week and share the link with the class. If they answer all of the questions, the full puzzle will be revealed by the end of the course. Students are able to also ask / answer questions on the classroom page. Video lessons include footage with my family as we travel and visit famous sites.  


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    Learn and explore the Smoky Mountains heights, waterfalls, breathtaking scenery, wildlife and critters.


Elizabeth McMann

Hello parents and students,

I started Teach Me Truth Christian School because of the need for families to have a safe space for learning. After reading, "Mama Bear Apologetics", I recognized the call for a Christian education platform. Not only teaching children about the Bible, but also teaching apologetics that back up the Bible with science, logic, facts, history and intellectual reasoning. I am passionate about homesteading, homeschooling and working on becoming more independent from the world and government. Most schools in person and online censor Christianity and promote everything else - and I mean everything else! As parents, our jobs are becoming more difficult to protect our children from the evils of this world while at the same time educating about the truth. Soon after starting the online platform, God called me to start an in-person school as well. If you are interested in started a Teach Me Truth Christian School in your area, please send me an email: [email protected] 

My Teaching Style: I encourage learning through enthusiastic engagement. I believe children learn best through curiosity or play. Teaching online has been my passion for six years. I was an online English teacher with VIPKID for over three years and an Outschool teacher for three years. VIPKID taught me how to engage with students in a virtual setting. They taught me how to use props, singing and demonstrations to increase learning. I encourage student output and participation during class.

About Me: I have a bachelors degree in marketing and science. I am an entrepreneur and business owner. I have also been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. I am a homeschooling mother to my twin sons and my daughter. I am constantly seeking creative ways for my children and students to learn new things.

My Homeschooling Style: As a homeschooling mom of 4, my favorite part of teaching is sort of "tricking" them into learning. What I mean by this is, we often play learning games and sing songs. In addition to this, my children have learning games on their devices and we listen to learning songs in the car. Some of our favorite online resources include: Easy Peasy Homeschool, and Miacademy and Flock School. Some of our favorite learning games are: ABC and sight word bingo, memory match, shout-and-grab, ABC caterpillar board game, dinosaur nest game, Uno, chess, checkers, matching, fill in the blank phonics sounds and more. We love arts and craft time as well as create weekly science projects. My kiddos enjoy both live and self-paced online classes. Our kids participate in chores, taking care of our chickens, ducks, dog and cat. We love projects and currently are building a chicken coop. Lastly, our book work is a small part of learning each day.