Quilling: Rose - Paper Arts & Crafts (Self-Paced)

Make a beautiful rose card, to keep, or to give away to someone you love! This art form is beautiful and relaxing. (Ages 10+)

Course Summary

This is a one-lesson self paced class where students will be taught how to use quilling shapes to make a rose. This class does not meet live. I will send the class video on Monday and the students will have all week to make the project and send me pictures. They are also encouraged to comment and support their classmates with kindness! I will give my feedback to each student and answer any questions they may have.

What is Quilling❓  The art of quilling, which dates back to the 1500s, is using thin strips of colorful paper and turning them around an object to make coils. You may have recognized the root word “quill”, which is a feather, formerly used as a pen when dipped into ink. The original art form used quills to turn the paper around to form the coils. Instead of quills, these days people use quilling needle tools, pencils, or toothpicks. People that practice the artform of quilling are often called quillers.    

Why try Quilling❓  People choose to learn quilling for multiple reasons. First off, the historical artform is beautiful. The supplies are basic and not costly. Even the kits, when purchased, are not expensive. Quilling promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in children. It boosts creativity in people of all ages, and promotes gift giving, as the projects make lovely cards and gifts. Lastly, almost everyone reports that it makes them feel relaxed and calms them, so it’s very beneficial for those suffering with anxiety.    

Parental Guidance: Scissors can be sharp. Also, if you choose to order quilling tools for your learner, please take note that they are sharp as well. Please keep a close eye on your child during this class. Some parental assistance may be required to help children with poor fine motor skills.  

Learner Supply List: Quilling paper or construction/copier paper (5mm strips) any desired colors, liquid glue, scissors, pencil or quilling tool, cardstock paper or blank notecard for the base.

If your learner has quilling tools, that is great, but it's not required for this class!   If you do decide to order your learner a quilling tool set, I would like to suggest this one that I purchased from Amazon for around $20.  https://a.co/d/iHdNetG

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Stephanie Jill Boyd