Where Love is, There God is Also (Self-Paced)

A Christmas Short story by Leo Tolstoy, with writing activities (Ages 8-11)

Course Summary

Welcome to our self-paced 5-week homeschooling class tailored for Christian families seeking an enriching literary journey! Join us on an adventure through the heartwarming tale 'Where Love is, there God is also' by Leo Tolstoy. In this engaging course, your child will explore the timeless themes of love, faith, and kindness while discovering the captivating story of a humble cobbler anticipating a visit from Jesus during the festive season. Each week, students will delve into a 2-page reading assignment (printable materials provided) accompanied by thought-provoking discussion questions and creative writing tasks.

Here's a glimpse into our weekly activities:
Week 1: Discover Leo Tolstoy - Learn about the life and impactful works of Tolstoy while honing summarizing skills using the 5Ws technique.
Week 2: Unveiling the Setting - Dive into the story's setting and its role in shaping the narrative's atmosphere and themes.
Week 3: Journey Through Plot Progression - Explore the storyline using a story mountain to map out the tale's progression.
Week 4: The Fusion of Art and Literature - Discover how art inspires literature and unleash creativity by crafting your own illustration.
Week 5: Wrapping Up - Delve into the story's elements and engage in a discussion about the story's conclusion.

This language arts course is thoughtfully designed to intertwine faith-based storytelling with language development, inspiring young readers and writers. Our aim is to foster a deeper understanding of love, faith, and the power of kindness through this timeless narrative. Join us on this literary expedition where faith and literature converge, cultivating young minds through a beautiful story filled with valuable biblical themed life lessons.

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English Literature and Arts is my passion and I come from a family of readers and writers, my daughter published her first book at 10 years old! We love to read, but the book we love the most is the Bible and it is my joy to create classes for you on Teach Me Truth that incorporate Bible teachings. The aim of my household is to put God first in all things so I pray these classes will be a blessing to you!

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