Winter Art Course - Drawing and Animals from Antarctica (Self-Paced)

In this 4-lesson course, you'll tackle the element of line, draw a penguin & its habitat, and research contrast. (Ages 6-11)

Course Summary

Dive into frigid Antarctica in this fun, pre-recorded drawing class. You'll tackle the element of line, draw a penguin & its habitat, and research contrast. Don't worry though, you'll use supplies that are in your house right now!

Welcome to Artventurous Animals!   Travel to the icy continent of Antarctica with me as we explore penguins and their habitat through drawing. We'll learn the basics of line and contrast, complete a mini research project, and play some games. The best part? You'll only need art supplies that are around your house right now!  

{Here's a break down of each week...}
Lesson 1--Practicing the element of LINE
Lesson 2--Sketching Okay the Macaroni PENGUIN
Lesson 3--Learning and researching the principle of CONTRAST
Lesson 4--Combining all these skills to make an icy HABITAT for the penguin to live in.  

Each class, you'll get one video lesson from me, a worksheet or project to complete, and a trivia game! I offer sibling discounts (50% each additional learner, so please ask!).  

{How it works} You'll have immediate access to this course to complete at your own pace. This gives learners the opportunity to watch/complete the art projects at a flexible time depending on schedule, family calendar, and other school events. I wanted this class to have the value of teaching the universal elements of art, but in an affordable, realistic way.  Links to the virtual classroom will be emailed to you weekly. They will also be posted in the Outschool classroom along with anything you need to print on Sunday evening. You will have 1 worksheet to print on lessons 1,2, and 4. If you are unable to print, you can easily recreate the worksheets on plain white paper. The only pre-recorded lessons you won't need to print a worksheet for is in week 3 because that one is the research project (don't worry, it's more fun than true research!).  The classroom will be sent via Google Slides. These slides are interactive. Follow the icons on the bookshelf to see the order you should follow.  

The FIRST icon on the bookshelf is a "play" button. This will take you to a pre-recorded lesson. Your learner will answer 1-3 questions in each video. You can pause the video and have them answer out loud before moving on.

PLEASE feel free to pause these videos!  I'm unable to slow down or give feedback during the video, so have your learners take their time creating their works of art. They should follow along, listening to my instructions and copying to the best of their ability. It is okay if their drawings don't look exactly like mine! Understanding the concept and enjoying the project is way more important :) The videos are securely embedded into the Google Slides presentation.  

The SECOND icon is the check, and it will lead you to the "Check In" at the end of each lesson. This is just a review of the project that should be completed that week with a close-up view of the finished project.  

The THIRD icon will take you right back to the our Outschool classroom. Your learner can upload a picture of each project right into the classroom, and then comment on the other projects from their fellow learners. My goal in having each learner comment on the uploads is to teach them to articulate positive ideas that build up their "classmates." This is an incredible skill that they can carry into their future families and careers.  

The FOURTH icon will take your learner to the "game" of the week. The game is in a quiz format using Blooket. Login with the email [email protected] with the password Iloveart1. Your learner will be able to see their own stats and the stats of other learners who have taken this class.  

{Extra info} -Five year-olds are allowed to take this class. However, if your learner is not a strong reader, I would encourage you to be ready to assist or to pair them with an older sibling.  -Optional: You can place all the finished drawings and projects into a 3-ring binder (I did!). They're all vertical so it works nicely. This also creates a great resource for future reference.  Thank you so much for taking this class!

-Abbey Allen <3

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Abbey Allen

Hi! I’m Ms. Abbey.

I teach kids to love art through animals, travel, and step-by-step instruction.

I truly believe art class is for EVERYONE, not just the natural artist. The scientist, nature-lover, athlete, wanna-be vet, and gamer can all find fun and a sense of accomplishment in art. That’s why I’ve made my brand ARTventurous Animals. My classes engaging, full of animals and adventure, and uncomplicated 🎨

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education and have taught in a brick-and-mortar classroom for 4 years. But even after substituting, teaching 3rd grade, teaching Kindergarten, and teaching English in Thailand, being an online art teacher has been my favorite!

I have had over 2 years of experience teaching English to learners of other languages with VIPKid, and I welcome any ESL learners in my class! I am also TESOL certified through IOA (International Open House Academy). Message me before class so I can cater to your learner.

I believe children should be guided to be their best self. This means creating extra tasks for gifted students, challenging the average, and reaching out and individually assisting the lower students. I also believe that art is for everyone! Anyone can draw, anyone can create, anyone can imagine.

A fun fact about me is that I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand! I have also been to 9 countries on 3 different continents. The most incredible was probably the United Arab Emirates.

My husband and I just had our beautiful son, Liam James, on July 4th. He’s the reason I’ve chosen to be an online teacher and stay-at-home mom. If you met him, you would know why I can’t bring myself to leave him all day! Oh, and we have a cat named Leo. He’s pretty great, too!