Word vs. Wild: Part 1 (Self-Paced)

Virtual Escape Room Game with Middle School English Vocabulary (Ages 10-14)

Course Summary

Does learning vocabulary words have any practical use? In this game, yes! You can only survive the wild by using your words and your wit. (BONUS: My learners also report the practical improvement of their test scores through vocabulary study as well!)

In this fun and interactive virtual "escape room" game, learners will be "dropped" in a secret wilderness location, and will answer a series of challenge questions to find their way to a checkpoint in order to complete part 1* and earn a badge.  

These challenge questions will feature 12 middle school (grades 5-8) vocabulary words, and will focus on their meaning in context, spelling and pronunciation, helping learners to make creative brain connections with new words in a choose-your-own-adventure-style story.

Reading comprehension will also be strengthened as learners read through an original wilderness story featuring beautiful nature pictures, and answer questions using vocabulary words in context.  

Lastly, writing skills are practiced in the final challenge of using a code word to create an original sentence. An optional bonus activity includes a creative writing prompt to predict what happens next.

Here's how it works:  
1. Equip: Learners receive a PDF of vocabulary words upon enrollment.  
2. Enter: Learners use the link to open a Google Slides "game" presentation, and click through the story and challenge questions to the end (no sign-in credentials are needed).
3. Exit: Learners are prompted to complete the assignment by sending their original sentences back to the teacher in order to "exit" the game.
* Bonus Activities: Learners can download a PDF word search, and write a creative ending for the story, as additional ways of working with the vocabulary words.

Learners can play the game as many times as they would like to practice vocabulary while having fun along the way.  

* Additional parts will be published soon! 

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    Escape Room Game with Middle School English Vocabulary

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