Young Apologetics #1 (Self-Paced)

Learn research and speech writing techniques with a biblical perspective (Ages 9-11)

Course Summary

Are you a Christian homeschooling parent looking to equip your child with essential skills while reinforcing their faith through speechwriting? Our course has been designed with your family in mind. Young Apologetics #1 is a dynamic program that immerses students in the foundational principles of speechwriting, emphasizing planning, research, and preparation.

What your child will gain from this course:  
- Solid Foundations: We start by building a strong foundation. Students will learn how to plan and structure their speeches, ensuring they communicate effectively and persuasively.  
- Research Mastery: Our young learners will discover the art of researching credible sources and evaluating their reliability. We emphasize the importance of integrating biblical perspectives into their arguments.  
- Avoiding Plagiarism: Understanding the different types of plagiarism is crucial. Your child will learn to properly cite sources, ensuring their work remains authentic and free from plagiarism.  
- Effective Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing: We equip students with the essential skills of quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing to make their speeches more engaging and informative.  
- Note-Taking Techniques: We introduce effective note-taking methods, such as mind mapping and sketch notes, as valuable tools for both academic and practical life.  
- Critical Source Evaluation: In today's information age, discerning fact from fiction is a vital skill. We guide students in source evaluation to help them avoid falling victim to fake news.  
- Biblical Worldview Integration: At the heart of our course is the incorporation of a biblical worldview. As Bible-believing Christians, we emphasize the importance of relating everything to the Word of God. Students will be encouraged to strengthen their arguments with facts and biblical evidence.  
- Hands-On Assignments: To put their newfound knowledge into practice, students will complete two assignments. They can choose a topic from a provided list, conduct in-depth research, and craft a persuasive speech or presentation. Submissions can be in written or video form.  

Empower your child with the tools to create compelling arguments that reflect their Christian faith. Enroll in our Young Apologetics #1 course today and equip your learners with essential skills rooted in a biblical worldview.  Join us on this educational and faith-building journey designed specifically Christian families.      

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Tracey-Leigh Machher


Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, I have been an educator for more than a decade and have written bible based curriculum for Preschool and Sunday School ages. Fun fact about me is -  I was born in Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa, I emigrated to the United Kingdom in my early twenties so you may hear somewhat of an accent! 

English Literature and Arts is my passion and I come from a family of readers and writers, my daughter published her first book at 10 years old! We love to read, but the book we love the most is the Bible and it is my joy to create classes for you on Teach Me Truth that incorporate Bible teachings. The aim of my household is to put God first in all things so I pray these classes will be a blessing to you!

With a rich tapestry of 10 years in education, including 2 years in online teaching, I bring a wealth of expertise in English Language Arts and Literature. A qualified English Language teacher with TEFL, armed with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature,  Diploma in Teaching Literacy and a current pursuit of a Masters in English Literature with a minor in Education, I'm not just an educator; I'm also a perpetual learner and a Home Educating parent. From Kindergarten to Secondary school, in both traditional classrooms and club settings, I've shared my passion for learning with 1449 students worldwide. Beyond the classroom, I host engaging escape rooms because, after all, we all deserve a brain break! Join me on an exciting journey of faith, literature and education that keeps God at the centre.