10 Spring-Themed Business Ideas Your Crew Will Love!

Help your children learn and grow this spring!

10 Spring - Themed Business Ideas that Your Crew Will be Sure to Enjoy!

The springtime season is quickly approaching. And with spring come new opportunities to start anew and enjoy learning alongside our children. Check out these 10 spring-themed business ideas that your crew will be sure to enjoy!

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  1. Put Those Green Thumbs to Work! Start a small business selling potted plants, blooms, or even seeds that are suitable for spring planting. Children can grow their own plants or buy and resell them at local events or within their friend circles.
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean!  Offer simple spring cleaning services to family members, friends, and local businesses. This can include tasks like dusting, raking leaves, organizing pantries, and more!
  3. Host Do-it-Yourself Craft Classes.  Encourage the inner educator in your kids! Host craft workshops where they can lead others in how to make spring-themed crafts (floral arrangements, bird feeders, decorative pots, and garden signs).
  4. Care for a Neighbor’s Furry Friends.  Help your neighbors give their pets much-needed exercise by starting a pet walking or sitting service for busy families in the neighborhood. Offer special spring-themed pet treats as products for sale as well.
  5. Onward Outdoors!  If your family loves the outdoors, take advantage of the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired by offering guided nature walks on fair weather days. Think of ways to offer multiple sessions within a day to maximize your chances to serve those who sign up.
  6. Make Lemonade.  Lemonade stands are one of the most underrated opportunities for growth. Start with early advertising to get the word out! Set up lemonade stands to support your sales. Go all out and offer several flavors as well as fun add-ins. Pair your lemonade with healthy snacks that your customers will enjoy!
  7. Spring-Themed Selfie Walls. Help your friends and neighbors capture springtime memories by setting up a selfie wall. Photography sessions are all the rage. However, selfie walls offer a chance for your children to take really cool photos without the added pressure of having photography skills. Start with a variety of fun backgrounds, add lots of fun props, and have a blast!
  8. Egg Filling Services. Closer to Easter, take the load off of all the groups around you (churches, schools, and businesses) that will be hosting egg hunts this year. Offer to buy, fill, and hide eggs for their events. Include fun options in an “egg menu” that your customers can choose from. For instance, L.E.D-lit eggs, confetti-only eggs, and character-themed eggs are ideas that a customer might pay more for to fit the needs of their group.
  9. Spring Themed DecorMake and sell home decor. Yard pinwheels, garland, and even decorative wooden spoons are inexpensive to source and oh-so-fun to make! Allow your children to have a hand in as much of the creating part as possible.
  10. Spring Fun Day.  Host a simple one-day Spring Fun Day in your yard or garden. Allow parents to sign up their kids to come explore a variety of stations set up in and around your home. Include stations for them to hear read-alouds, paint and color, or make their own cloud dough or slime. Make it into an adventure and allow each customer to have a special bucket list of passport-style stamps that they check off every time they visit a station. Send them home with fun spring-themed pencils and stickers.

    What’s not to love about these ideas? If you’re looking for spring-themed resources, check below!

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