8 Steps for Creating (and Enjoying) a Math Escape Room for your Homeschoolers

Who says our homeschool math routines have to remain mundane?

Who says our homeschool math routines have to remain mundane?

If your homeschool is like ours, the subject of math is approached with less enthusiasm than other subjects. And if your homeschool is like mine, we are certainly feeling the middle-of-winter drudgery these days. You know the slow, mundane, “just gotta get it done” days? That’s usually the time we find ourselves just enduring instead of truly thriving during our school weeks. Enter the power of fun!

In an effort to add more pizzazz to your math routines, have you considered creating a math escape room?

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The following is a list of 8 Steps for Creating (and Enjoying) a Math Escape Room for your Homeschoolers:

  1. Establish Your Goals

Get ready to dive into the world of mathematical wonders! Define your objectives, whether it's conquering geometry, mastering algebra, or tackling mind-bending problem-solving challenges.

2. Choose a Theme

Select a theme that will bring surprise and delight! Whether it's solving a mystery, traveling through time, or embarking on an underwater adventure choose a theme that will make your kids smile!

    3. Craft Math Puzzles:

    Create a series of mind-boggling challenges that match your theme and learning goals. From logic puzzles to spatial riddles, make them epic and tailored to your homeschool crew's skill levels.

    4. Create the Environment:

    Pick the perfect spot for your escape room. Transform it into a math haven with different puzzle stations. Leave some room for team tasks as well as individual tasks to spark curiosity and exploration. Go all out to cover the walls with colored butcher paper and download a list of sound effects and themed background music. Bring in balloons, inflatables, craft materials and more to make the escape experience hands-on and memorable.

    5. Gather Needed Supplies:

    Arm yourself with of supplies! From paper and markers to props and puzzle-specific items, ensure you're fully equipped for the math adventure that awaits.

    6. Craft a Tale:

    Weave your math puzzles into a story – an adventure filled with twists, turns, and multileveled challenges. Think about making each portion as immersive as possible to keep things exciting.

    7. Set the Clock!

    Timers make competitive games so much more fun and the same is true for escape rooms! Set a time limit, adding a bit of urgency.

    8. Test Your Escape Room

    Be sure to do a trial run before letting your kids experience the math escape challenge. Fine-tune puzzles, adjust difficulty, and ensure everything can progress smoothly.

    Need help with ideas? Here’s also a list of 5 math puzzle ideas to give you some inspiration:

    1. Number Sequence Challenge: Arrange a set of numbers in ascending order to unlock the first clue. Use addition and subtraction (or other functions) to crack the code.

    2. Shape Sorting Riddle: Match shapes with their mathematical descriptions. Use clues to identify properties like the number of sides or vertices.

    3. Multiplication Challenge: Solve multiplication problems to reveal hidden numbers. Combine the results to unlock a secret code.

    4. Time Travel Task: Use analog clocks to decode a timeline puzzle. Match clock times to specific events and arrange them chronologically.

    5. Fraction Frenzy: Piece together fractions to complete a whole shape. Add or subtract fractions to uncover the next clue.

    Now, go create and watch your kids have a blast!

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