5 Easy Businesses Your Kids Can Start Today!

Business ownership can lead to so many amazing benefits for kids. Here are five easy ideas to help you get your children started!

Most adults are keen to the benefits of that business and entrepreneurship can add to our lives. Though bringing in an extra source of income (or two) is always helpful in moving us towards our financial goals, owning and running your own business is about more than the monetary return. Business ownership promotes greater organization, sharpens leadership skills, and challenges us to grow in service towards others. Why not pass on these amazing qualities to your children? Here are five simple (and fun) business ideas that can help your children get started on the path to entrepreneurial success!

1. Mini Subscription Service - Subscription services are major fun and full of opportunities to get creative. Here are some low-cost, kid-friendly ideas: 

  • Handmade Bookmarks: Choose a theme for the month, have customers pre register, and get to work! For a reasonable monthly subscription fee, subscribers can enjoy a new set of 4 or 5 bookmarks created ny your family! Your kids can get excited about creating new bookmarks each month and customers will be delighted to support your young entrepreneurs in their endeavors. This idea works well for small items such as magnets, collectible wooden spoons, and more! (Check out my $5 Handcrafted Gift Box Course Here!)
  • Cookie-of-the-Month Club: Choose a few different cookies types to bake each month, deliver them with a smile! If deliveries are not feasible, have an agreed upon location that your customers can receive their delicious hand made treats each month.
  • Laundry Folding Service: This business idea would be best for responsible teens to pursue. Most of us have a trusted group of friends that wouldn’t mind having their laundry folded for an hour or so per week.

2. Online Classes - Live online classes are all the rage right now and the number of niche areas that people want to learn about is seemingly endless. Check out my online course on paper crafts you can sell here (If you have a child with great interpersonal skills, have them teach something simple to other kids. Of course with some caution, it’s best to choose clients amongst your trusted friend circle. There are so many ideas that your kids are already knowledgeable about and are ready to share with others. Topics could include how to draw undersea animals, how to subtract with regrouping, how to bake the perfect holiday cookies, etc… Set a date, sell low-cost registrations, schedule with your preferred video streaming platform, and have fun! Here’s a real-life example I’d like to share-One of my children actually taught an online vocabulary class to other kids in our church and it was a hit! For $4 per registration, she came away with $40 in extra spending money!

3. In-Person Read-Alouds -If you know families that would enjoy having a live reader for their young children, this is the perfect opportunity to put your children’s read-aloud skills to work. Offer bookings for 20-30 minutes at a time (depending on the age of the children you will be serving). Leave your little clients with fun stickers or a pack of crayons to make this extra special.

    4. Tire Pressure Check Service - If you have older kids that are ready to learn about vehicle maintenance, think about offering tire checks. This kind of service may work best in an area where there are a lot of parked cars. That way, services can be rendered efficiently. The few simple requirements include: a pressure checking tool, an air pump, and stellar customer service! Watch as your children become sharp in using this practical life skill while also growing in customer service and responsibility.

    5. Pet Sitting - Who doesn’t love caring for furry friends as a service to others? This business idea is fantastic for kids who love animals and can be trusted to care for them according to the expectations of their clients.

      Bonus: Selfie Photo Booth - Help your children set up a fun selfie booth business. No real photography skills are needed as people usually enjoy taking their own selfie shots. Materials may include: an easy-to-use backdrop and various props and accessories. Plan to set up the selfie booth in different group settings (church potlucks, birthday parties, and various holiday gatherings). Charge for a certain amount of minutes at a time and you’re in business!

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