Your “Crazy” is Showing!

Feeling “crazy” as a homeschooling parent?

Your “Crazy” is Showing!

There’s a funny phrase I like to repeat that’s been circling the web for some time now. “Hey! You’re crazy is showing! You might want to tuck that back in.” We can laugh at this saying because it rings so true of each and every one of us. We all have a “crazy” that comes out every now and then. This “crazy” is the unseemly, disorderly and usually embarrassing part of our personal lives that we go to great lengths to keep hidden from others.

As Christian homeschoolers, our homeschool lifestyle can often feel like a “crazy” pursuit with “crazy” characteristics that slip out every now and then (or sometimes much more often). These crazy characteristics may cause us to take on shame, embarrassment and frustration. Let’s face it: sometimes we LOVE the feeling of regularly being “put together”.

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Can I get a virtual show of hands if you have every experienced the following scenarios:

Depending on the ages and number of children you have…

It takes you longer to prepare to get out of the house than it does to attend many of the events that you’re invited to - crazy!

You’ve gone from “Yes! Absolutely we will be there on time!” To “We’ll try to make it there with all our shoes and socks on…” - crazy!

Most if not all of your children are on various grade levels for various subjects - crazy! (By the way, this is usually true of other styles of schooling).

You may drive a very large, fifteen passenger vehicle… and you LOVE it! - crazy! 

You’ve discovered the secret of breaking out into random dances in the kitchen for the sake of getting a dose of morning joy when you’re feeling overwhelmed.- crazy!

Our homeschooling endeavors often don’t “look like much” to those looking in from the outside. 

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We are tempted to compare the inside of our homeschooling life to the outside of our friend’s, neighbor’s, or favorite influencer’s homeschooling life (never a fair comparison).

Fellow homeschooling parents, I respond to you in homeschooling solidarity with an enthusiastic “Me too!”

Lots of people homeschool but not all of them take up this mission for the glory of the Lord Jesus. Therein lies the additional significance of our pursuit of homeschooling. Stated clearly, it’s already tough. It takes on a different “toughness” when we are upholding Biblical standards in a world that shuns and dismisses these standards.

However, it’s important to remember that this mission is naturally full of mishaps, mistakes, and misunderstandings.

The truth is that whatever we as believers have sown in faith (whether homeschooling, submission to authority, loving our enemies…) will reap a harvest for the glory of God in His timing. So we can trust that our investment will not be lost, no matter how awkward and out of place we may feel in making this investment.

So let’s learn to praise God for the “crazy”! It serves as all the more reason to lean into prayer, lean into trusting our Father, and lean into returning to truth over and over again to be reminded that our value and worth are to be firmly planted in Him. Not in the number of worksheets we complete. Not in how trendy our kids appear when they hang out with other kids (ouch!) and certainly NOT in how much “real” schooling we appear to be accomplishing!

What if we take on the boldness that we are secure in the Lord? Let’s go forth with the confidence that He has provided for us in this great and sanctifying task of homeschooling. Let us be found rooted in Him!

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